Monday, June 17, 2013

"Enhancing" Pictures of Friends

Lately I've taken to modifying photos with my amazing MSPaint skills. This started when a picture reminded me of something, so I added drawings, like these cheetah cubs that look like a band.

My joy of photo modification progressed, and when finding pictures of friends in conducive poses, I would pull them out of the photo and put them... say... riding a dinosaur, or in a box. Please enjoy my latest creations. Some drawings are better than others. I know a lot of people wouldn't want their picture on the intra-webs, so the faces have been... tastefully altered.

(this friend has a chocolate allergy... the horror!)

I drew this dude without a picture model to go by... but hey, Land Before Time reference?

And now, the person who foolishly allowed me to take a picture of him riding a donkey statue and started this madness....

Clearly, I did not draw the raptor above, I only merged the pictures... but I couldn't pass up a monocle/top hat wearing raptor riding a bike

I felt bad for having used a non-drawing for the previous raptor, so I created one. I like to call this pogo-raptor, due to his unusually long legs.

More to come? We shall see. I'm not sure if any of these people will allow me to take pictures of them again.