Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Again with the slacking

I was supposed to have things to do today, but the progress of our IT department (not the local one, the University-wide one) has been mind-blowingly awful. I mean, really bad. So a meeting I though I had today is going to be tomorrow (I think, unless he randomly decides to cancel it again), which means I have to mess up my schedule more to stay late so we can talk with some Australians. Here is a picture of what I'd LIKE to do to our IT guy, versus what I can do:

And think of the poor Australians, stuck on the other end of the line, while he dithers and dathers about not doing things he's supposed to be doing!

I mean, granted, the koala still looks happy, but still. Being "project manager" on the stupid database is so much more effort than it's worth, or than I'm being compensated for... so ya know what? I don't feel so bad messing with MS Paint now that my urgent tasks are done. So, here's an owl.
Yeah. Owl THAT, IT guy.

Friday, March 15, 2013

So it's friday

I have been so productive all week. For a long time, really. My job doesn't really allow much time to do anything. But today... TODAY I TOOK FOR MYSELF. Well, I did work too, but I made some MSPaint things too.

A Toucan
(the names of these creatures were not chosen by me)

A sugar glider

And a wolf.

Hope you like! Can't promise when I'll update next.