Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've been messing with MS Paint again...

This time my focus has been video game characters. Some of the drawings are a little shabbier than others. All of these I drew, but I modeled them after pictures that exist on the internet. You can see the difference when it's doodling from my own creativity versus using a model.

This was the first one, inspired because I was sending someone a lot of "links"

Very basic. After sending it to a friend and seeing her delight, I made some of her favorite game characters, castle crashers.

I actually worked close up with the pixels on the red one, but haven't gotten to (or may not get to ever) the others. So he looks a little better.

Inspired at this point, I sent another favorite to someone, from the game Journey.

The pattern at the bottom of the cape took the most time.

Anyway, I've found this is a good way to make the day go by between bouts of work. Get some work done, draw a little, get some work done, etc. So today's project was Zelda.

I spent by far the most time on this one. The hardest part was actually her hands. They still look a little weird, but that's ok. I'm not entering any contests.

If anyone still looks at this, I hope you enjoy!