Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I haven't posted in a while

So I figured the best way to explain my lack of posts is with a picture. I think the following picture fully, if not overwhelmingly, explains why this lovely blog has been so vacant.


I guess I could stand to be a little more descriptive...

A cat with fangs, sitting in a pile of green ooze, with an arrow through his head. For good measure, let's add some super sweet flames to the mix.

Everything's a little more meaningful and potent when it's on fire.

Though I think the fat cat is a pretty good image of how I've been feeling, in layman's terms, I've just been uninspired and overworked. Nothing terrible is going on or anything, but you know, work sucks, because it's work. Also, believe it or not... there are only so many terrible MS Paint pictures of cats I can draw!

I think I have a few more in me though.

Yeah, I'm really tired of working today, if that wasn't pretty clear. Here's some fire for good measure.

As a sidenote, if my work ever actually burns down, I think I have enough fire-related-ranting to be a big suspect. I promise, all fire is regulated to drawing only.... and maybe threatening my computer with it... occasionally.


  1. I've definitely missed your pictures ... but I can empathize with overworked and add overwhelmed. Luckily this semester is over for me and my husband and I are able to take a mini vacation to Boston. I hope you are able to get some R+R in and become more inspired. I look forward to your MS Paint pictures, no matter how bad you think they are. They make me smile. :) Oh, and I survived the Psych semester you drew - and actually enjoyed it.

  2. hehe thanks :) enjoy Boston! and glad you survived the Psych semester... what's next? leprosy ward? I could do something fun with that.

    and jenn, thanks :) I may not have been posting, but I've been keeping up with your blog. Keep it up!