Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Precious

I have a lot of vices, I know. Occasionally I will try to do something about it. A general goal right now is weightloss... well "right now" should probably be "all the time." Not so much a "I want to be super skinny!" or "fad diets!" kind of thing, but a general "I probably shouldn't sit on my ass all day eating cheetos." (note: I don't actually like cheetos, but would eat an entire block of cheese...). 

Usually I'll start up very well, and slowly wind down until I'm once again sitting on the couch/bed in a cheese coma. I'd say over the past year I've kept up a decent pace of going to the gym/eating better, sometimes better than others. I'm sort of on a downswing now, and working on getting "back on the wagon" (I'm really "over using" quotes in this "post").

The more specific point of this is I'm trying to give up a particular vice related to weightloss/general health--Starbucks coffee. Coffee itself isn't so much of a problem. It's the fact that I don't really LIKE coffee, I get those super-frou-frou-non-coffee-coffee drinks from Starbucks that are about 468059373 calories and $50.00 a pop. This is the make-up of an average person's coffee versus my ideal coffee:

I'm not totally cutting out things that are bad for me, but that's pretty ridiculous. I've TRIED drinking coffee plain, but I really don't like it. Occasionally it will make me sick. Not the overly sugary one, just the coffee. It's probably in my head. 

Giving up caffeine all together is not an option either, if not just so I can keep my job.

My bosses are actually fairly tolerant of me, but I think passed out drooling on the desk would cause anyone to get fired. With caffeine I am still not perky, but things get done.

Yes, I'm still drooling, but I bought some tissues to keep at my desk to take care of that part.

Don't even TALK to me about tea. I hate tea. I would rather drink a cup of black coffee and throw it all up than drink a cup of tea. Seriously. It's like, weird flavored water. I've tried. I like a chocolate chai tea with milk from a place called TeaLuxe, but then we run into the same Starbucks conundrum--I'm paying entirely too much for a tea that isn't really tea and is mostly sugar. I'm sorry to all you tea drinkers out there, look at it this way: more tea for you?

The option I have chosen is Diet Coke. Really, Diet Pepsi since they only have a Pepsi machine here, but I can't really taste the difference. Maybe I can a little, but it doesn't matter. I've had the lecture that it's not all that much better for you, but it's cheaper, it has caffeine, and it's 0 calories. Sure, I'm probably giving myself Diet Coke cancer in the long run, but everything gives you cancer these days. The SUN gives you cancer. Thus far I've managed to limit myself to one bottle a day, but the other day I ran into a slight problem--the machine was broken. For a while the door to the machine was open (soda not accessible for free -_-). Then, as I was going to pick up lunch, I noticed something horrible...

They were taking AWAY the machine. My first through was "oh no! They are trying to force us to have HEALTHIER options!!" The campus has systematically shut down all fast food places in a walkable radius (yes, yes, a good thing, blablabla, but I LIKE taco bell, dammit). I hear there is a financial reason behind it, but first it was burger king, then mcdonalds, then taco bell... now it's only fast food alternatives like Subway and Olecito (burritos).

Possibly from not having a Diet Pepsi that day, I internally began to panic, thinking I would have to go elsewhere for my Diet Soda needs, or consider a soda plan of making sure to pick up a soda prior to arriving to work. It doesn't seem bad, but if I'm stockpiling sodas, I'm going to drink them all. It helps me regulate to only get one from the machine a day.

Anyway, in a rather mundane end to this fairly stupid story, it appears they were not taking away the machine, but rather replacing it with a FANCIER machine.

Do not worry, dear readers, I still have a supply of cancer causing caffeinated drinks. I will have my Diet Pepsi! I will keep my job! I will not drink giant cups of sugar for $5.00 from Starbucks!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Missing In Action

I haven't found the past couple of weeks very inspiring, we'll see when I come back up for air. I had to put my lovely kitty to sleep, she was badly sick with no hope of recovery. Then I got slammed with a sickness from hell which I'm just resurfacing from. Well, when it rains, it pours. So I'll be back, eventually. I can't sit in the office for long without doodling. Here's a valentine I sent my friend, just so this isn't all text today!