Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've been messing with MS Paint again...

This time my focus has been video game characters. Some of the drawings are a little shabbier than others. All of these I drew, but I modeled them after pictures that exist on the internet. You can see the difference when it's doodling from my own creativity versus using a model.

This was the first one, inspired because I was sending someone a lot of "links"

Very basic. After sending it to a friend and seeing her delight, I made some of her favorite game characters, castle crashers.

I actually worked close up with the pixels on the red one, but haven't gotten to (or may not get to ever) the others. So he looks a little better.

Inspired at this point, I sent another favorite to someone, from the game Journey.

The pattern at the bottom of the cape took the most time.

Anyway, I've found this is a good way to make the day go by between bouts of work. Get some work done, draw a little, get some work done, etc. So today's project was Zelda.

I spent by far the most time on this one. The hardest part was actually her hands. They still look a little weird, but that's ok. I'm not entering any contests.

If anyone still looks at this, I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitten Mittens

I rarely call my kitten by her given name, Marzipan. I've come up with various nicknames: Meowey, Kitten Mittens, Stinkbutt, Clawface, etc. etc.

Anyway, I hurt my finger so typing is hard, and you won't get a lot of text out of me today... but here are two pictures I drew in a deadly meeting this morning about Marz.

Anyway, when I stopped doodling at the meeting, I fell asleep, so overall I think drawing at a meeting is better than that....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unacceptably Busy

Yes, again, working at work. How is this even possible?? It isn't fair to have to do stuff. Well, "work" has many meanings, I suppose, so I'll post the things I've gotten accomplished in the millions of meetings I've had to attend recently.

I took VERY detailed notes when we discussed our new database in detail.

Even more, I had a partner in crime who HELPED me take detailed notes, including a rousing game of hangman.

In the mind-numbingly boring meeting today I managed not to make any amusing doodles... but I did fall asleep. Only a little.

Well, work is boring and busy, on a happier note, I have a new kitten. Here's hoping all goes well, since I tend to have the worst luck with pets, but so far, everything is amazing. I will create an MS Paint picture of her eventually. For now, meet Marzipan.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The "Bassador"

So, my rendition of a Basset Hound/Labrador hybrid (apparently known as a Bassador) is as such:

This is a kind of dog I've been exposed to, so I knew what to expect when looking it up. Here is a real picture of a Bassador:

I wanted to find a picture where you get a good shot of the normal lab body and the stumpy little basset hound legs.

In my course of searching, I found a list of odd (and normal) dog breed combinations. It was pretty fascinating.

You have the Corgidor (Corgi and Labrador):

the Bostillion (Boston terrier and Papillion):
The St. Wilier (St. Bernard and Rottweiler)
Anyhow, the list goes on and on with many interesting combinations. The list and the images were all found here:

I also suggest to avoid googling "weird dog mixes" in an image search. It ranges from an amusing Photoshop of an eagle head on a regal dog to some deceased animals.

What is the point of this post? I don't know. It has been more interesting looking at cute and unusual dogs than doing work ever could have been, though official records should state I'm doing database entry. At any rate, at least I'm not playing with fire.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Meetings ALL OVER

Haha, so much for following up with my previous post. I'll draw that dog some day. I don't really have time for much today, but I did attend a meeting, and I thought I'd show you what an integral role I play in these meetings.

Yes, clearly, the meeting could not have gone on as it should without my crab fight or tree monster!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I like dogs too

I decided I have put many-a-cat on the blog, so I'd go for dogs. I suppose I'm no better or worse at drawing dogs or cats. I know a couple of amusing dogs that are a mix of... unusual breeds. I wonder how different the breeds can be for a dog to still produce puppies. Can ANY dog breed with any other? Could you breed a miniature poodle with a doberman? I mean, even letting the physical logistics of such a match slide, could you do it via artificial insemination? I don't know. I've never really looked into it. I don't really want to.

I started freehand drawing a dog. It looked fine as a generic cartoon post regarding dogs, but it didn't have enough of the breed specifics to postulate what an offspring of the two might looks like.

Yep, that's a dog, it would probably produce a similar generic dog. I'll try for a breed mix I've seen before that produces interesting results.

On this one I looked up Basset Hounds on google and used those images as a guide. I highly suggest you look up pictures of basset hounds running. It's very funny. Most of them have a pleading expression on their face. ADORABLE. Anyway, basset hound's partner in this case is (drum roll)

Yes. A chocolate lab. The loyal and fun-loving (albeit a little... slow) breed that is known the world over.

Since my workday is coming to a close, I'll have to leave it until later what the combination of these two puppies might look like. But a basset hound/lab mix is a very cute/strange dog to behold. Trust me.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I haven't posted in a while

So I figured the best way to explain my lack of posts is with a picture. I think the following picture fully, if not overwhelmingly, explains why this lovely blog has been so vacant.


I guess I could stand to be a little more descriptive...

A cat with fangs, sitting in a pile of green ooze, with an arrow through his head. For good measure, let's add some super sweet flames to the mix.

Everything's a little more meaningful and potent when it's on fire.

Though I think the fat cat is a pretty good image of how I've been feeling, in layman's terms, I've just been uninspired and overworked. Nothing terrible is going on or anything, but you know, work sucks, because it's work. Also, believe it or not... there are only so many terrible MS Paint pictures of cats I can draw!

I think I have a few more in me though.

Yeah, I'm really tired of working today, if that wasn't pretty clear. Here's some fire for good measure.

As a sidenote, if my work ever actually burns down, I think I have enough fire-related-ranting to be a big suspect. I promise, all fire is regulated to drawing only.... and maybe threatening my computer with it... occasionally.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Precious

I have a lot of vices, I know. Occasionally I will try to do something about it. A general goal right now is weightloss... well "right now" should probably be "all the time." Not so much a "I want to be super skinny!" or "fad diets!" kind of thing, but a general "I probably shouldn't sit on my ass all day eating cheetos." (note: I don't actually like cheetos, but would eat an entire block of cheese...). 

Usually I'll start up very well, and slowly wind down until I'm once again sitting on the couch/bed in a cheese coma. I'd say over the past year I've kept up a decent pace of going to the gym/eating better, sometimes better than others. I'm sort of on a downswing now, and working on getting "back on the wagon" (I'm really "over using" quotes in this "post").

The more specific point of this is I'm trying to give up a particular vice related to weightloss/general health--Starbucks coffee. Coffee itself isn't so much of a problem. It's the fact that I don't really LIKE coffee, I get those super-frou-frou-non-coffee-coffee drinks from Starbucks that are about 468059373 calories and $50.00 a pop. This is the make-up of an average person's coffee versus my ideal coffee:

I'm not totally cutting out things that are bad for me, but that's pretty ridiculous. I've TRIED drinking coffee plain, but I really don't like it. Occasionally it will make me sick. Not the overly sugary one, just the coffee. It's probably in my head. 

Giving up caffeine all together is not an option either, if not just so I can keep my job.

My bosses are actually fairly tolerant of me, but I think passed out drooling on the desk would cause anyone to get fired. With caffeine I am still not perky, but things get done.

Yes, I'm still drooling, but I bought some tissues to keep at my desk to take care of that part.

Don't even TALK to me about tea. I hate tea. I would rather drink a cup of black coffee and throw it all up than drink a cup of tea. Seriously. It's like, weird flavored water. I've tried. I like a chocolate chai tea with milk from a place called TeaLuxe, but then we run into the same Starbucks conundrum--I'm paying entirely too much for a tea that isn't really tea and is mostly sugar. I'm sorry to all you tea drinkers out there, look at it this way: more tea for you?

The option I have chosen is Diet Coke. Really, Diet Pepsi since they only have a Pepsi machine here, but I can't really taste the difference. Maybe I can a little, but it doesn't matter. I've had the lecture that it's not all that much better for you, but it's cheaper, it has caffeine, and it's 0 calories. Sure, I'm probably giving myself Diet Coke cancer in the long run, but everything gives you cancer these days. The SUN gives you cancer. Thus far I've managed to limit myself to one bottle a day, but the other day I ran into a slight problem--the machine was broken. For a while the door to the machine was open (soda not accessible for free -_-). Then, as I was going to pick up lunch, I noticed something horrible...

They were taking AWAY the machine. My first through was "oh no! They are trying to force us to have HEALTHIER options!!" The campus has systematically shut down all fast food places in a walkable radius (yes, yes, a good thing, blablabla, but I LIKE taco bell, dammit). I hear there is a financial reason behind it, but first it was burger king, then mcdonalds, then taco bell... now it's only fast food alternatives like Subway and Olecito (burritos).

Possibly from not having a Diet Pepsi that day, I internally began to panic, thinking I would have to go elsewhere for my Diet Soda needs, or consider a soda plan of making sure to pick up a soda prior to arriving to work. It doesn't seem bad, but if I'm stockpiling sodas, I'm going to drink them all. It helps me regulate to only get one from the machine a day.

Anyway, in a rather mundane end to this fairly stupid story, it appears they were not taking away the machine, but rather replacing it with a FANCIER machine.

Do not worry, dear readers, I still have a supply of cancer causing caffeinated drinks. I will have my Diet Pepsi! I will keep my job! I will not drink giant cups of sugar for $5.00 from Starbucks!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Missing In Action

I haven't found the past couple of weeks very inspiring, we'll see when I come back up for air. I had to put my lovely kitty to sleep, she was badly sick with no hope of recovery. Then I got slammed with a sickness from hell which I'm just resurfacing from. Well, when it rains, it pours. So I'll be back, eventually. I can't sit in the office for long without doodling. Here's a valentine I sent my friend, just so this isn't all text today!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Falling Apart

No, this isn't an emo post about spiraling into a depression (maybe another time). Right now I mean literally my body is falling apart. It likes to do this to me every couple of months, where everything likes to go wrong at once. No, I'm not dying, yes, it could be worse, but this is MY blog and I can complain about whatever I want.

First, I woke up on Saturday with a weird pain in my finger. Nothing terrible, but I look down and it's an odd red bump. Not a cut, just a bump. I decided to assume it was a spider bite, but that's up for debate. It kind of looks like a pimple. ON MY FINGER.

So my fingers aren't swollen or misshapen as this drawing may lead you to believe, that is just my poor abilities in MS Paint. It's just an annoying and sore red bump. It isn't getting any bigger (or smaller). So I'm going to go with spider bite (from above evil looking spider) and hope it resolves itself. At this point, a doctor has not been consulted.

Issue number two is a very annoying twitchy eye. Now, I've gotten these before from time to time, but this one has been with me for over 2 weeks, and that is starting to get a little out of hand. I've lessened my caffeine intake, tried to get more sleep... still twitchy. I've now taken out my contacts and resorted to wearing my broken glasses. I was twitch free for the morning, but it has started up again.

I'm not sure how to represent a twitchy eye via MSPaint, so a squiggly will have to do. My friend suggested potassium, which I've tried before and doesn't work. Maybe it's all in my head. Maybe it's stress... but you know what, I don't like bananas!

Yeah, me and my poor eye, getting chased around by a giant banana. Perhaps I could scare him away with my red spider-bite finger? No doctor has been consulted about the twitchy eye yet. It seems silly, what are they going to do, give me a muscle relaxer? It certainly would make my work day a little more interesting.

Issue number three is my knee, which can best be described as "lumpy." It doesn't hurt, it's just weirdly swollen.

Ok, it's a little sore, but not bad. Anyway, a doctor HAS been consulted about this one. I know what it is, all proper precautions are being taken, but it's still just plain annoying. Lump-knee decides to come back occasionally and irritate me when I'm trying to do things like go to the gym. I already do knee friendly exercises, what else does it want?

It's possible I'm headed to a total systems shut down

Ok, no, that's just the robot version of me. I'm fine, just slightly annoyed. So pretty much I'll just sit around and whine. On MY blog. Mwahahaha.

I've even added some other issues worth whining about!!

Stupid spider.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Birdhouse In Your Soul

So this song has been stuck in my head ALL weekend.

Sigh, drawing it out didn't work. It's still in my head. Oh well, it could be worse. I don't want to think of songs that could be worse to have in my head, because then they'll be in my head and I'll be all "why, why, WHY isn't it They Might Be Giants?!"

And I will have no one to blame but myself.

Here's the song for anyone who doesn't know it. It's pretty catchy, I warn you.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Because I work HARD.

I am pleased to have new fans (thanks to People I Want to Punch in the Throat), and one of them actually MENTIONED me on her blog. I mean, that's pretty exciting. So, to honor her (and since I REALLY didn't feel like being productive work-wise today) I illustrated her day as a nurse-in-training, and her first day in a clinical psych ward. For the text of her experience, check out her blog, Hamsters Fighting Over the Wheel. Learn what it's like in the day to day life of a mother, student, and someone who generally has a lot on her plate! Hopefully these drawings make the fact that your Friday is not a Friday a little better?

So, apparently she was nervous. I would be too. But that's only reason #29508436 I would never go into a medical/nursing profession.

Though it would be pretty cool to be important enough to have an ID badge, especially one that says "not crazy." Not sure I'd qualify for that one. It reminds me of this:

I suppose these things start with a general who's who and what's what of the area... which she describes as going smoothly.

I don't know what a CODE cart is.... so I figured an emergency box 'o supplies would be a good thing to have around. Also, forgive me if it's not politically correct to refer to a patient as "this crazy guy."

They had awkward social time. That was easy to illustrate. I KNOW awkward social time. I can have those outside of a clinical experience!

Then apparently NCIS was on TV, which provided conversation fodder between her and the patients. We all like NCIS. Personally, I prefer Law and Order: SVU, but when I'm at the gym, it's only on Tuesdays. Most other days are NCIS, which I've come to sort of enjoy... and there's the awful days when it's...::shudder:: Burn Notice. BLEH.

Have you ever seen NCIS? If you have this might be amusing. Might. I'm not making any promises.

And finally, her long day at the end, she retreats (quickly) into the sunset, leaving nothing but a trail of dust and a thousand memories behind her.


Hungry Friday

I am very glad today is Friday. It has been a long week.

At the moment, I am also very hungry, and could certainly use some cookies.

Then again, I could always use some cookies.

There is no such thing as the veggie monster. Also, Pluto is a planet. Also, I fear change.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Go to the Dentist.

I, unfortunately, had a dentist appointment this morning.  I had put off going to the dentist for a long time, knowing the longer I waited the worse it was going to be. I mean, generally I take care of my teeth. But I drink coffee. I eat candy. I floss.. only... somewhat regularly. My biggest concern was actually the fact that I still have two baby teeth (it's genetic, they don't have permanent teeth under them so THEY'LL NEVER GO AWAY). They used to serve me just fine

But after many years of wear and tear, they have seen better days.

They don't hurt or anything. They're just pretty worn. My other concern was this wisdom tooth that just sort of popped up out of nowhere. I was told when I was younger that I didn't HAVE them... well, apparently four sprouted up. They're not really doing anything except this one, that came in. He's just chillin' there, minding his own business... not impacted, not hurting. Dentist wants to remove him because he's "hard to maintain," but I digress. My main point was these things should have been the least of my worries, because apparently my biggest issue is I had tons of little cavities. "Nothing serious," but enough that I needed to get a lot of "preventative" fillings, the first session of which was today.

This is how I feel like today went

...I may have imagined most of that. I'd say this is more realistic as to how the appointment went

It was fine. There was lots of Novocaine involved and some whining on my part, but overall it was fine. I did have to return to work, however, at which point I looked something like this

Have you ever had an eye go numb? It's very.... disconcerting. Also, apparently I sound very amusing and am not taken seriously at all in meetings when I talk with a lisp.

Oh well. Onward and upwards!