Thursday, December 22, 2011

I've Discovered a New Blog

So I've discovered a new blog, which satisfies my irrational need to hurt people. Ok, not an actual need to hurt people, but to talk about it, and then not actually do it. That's more like it. I'm one of those people who is likely to say "gosh, I just wanted to punch her in the face!" I have never actually punched anyone, nor do I think I would, but talking about it is sometimes very satisfying. If multiple people talk about it, you can even form an agreeable mob where you say "yeah, YEAH! I totally find that person/place/thing annoying too!" That's the sense of camaraderie this blog gives me. It's aptly titled "People I Want to Punch in the Throat"

I get a fantastic image of a person flying through the air, fist forward, aimed straight for the jugular. Of course, flying through the air also implies a cape. Everything I imagine implies a cape.

Yes, for my punch illustration I chose Kendra Wilkinson, for whom I possess an unwarranted and unnatural hatred of. Don't make me get in to it. Really. No, I don't know her. Yeah, I'm sure if you do she's super. Or maybe not. I don't care. Her TV personality sucks and makes me want to fly at her golden fist forward.

I know. Really, if I saw her, it would be more like this.
For the three people who read this blog (especially those who are fans of Kendra Wilkinson), this is no way insinuates there will be any bodily harm dealt to her. I can still think about it, and draw MSPaint pictures of it.

And hey, also note my punching fervor is not limited to celebrities I've never met. I also want to punch things in my every day life. Like, have you ever rode the MBTA in Boston? Well, if not, you should try it, and then you can join me in a punch-matic extravaganza. I would like to drink some rocket fuel in order to propel myself with super-sonic force to punch the MBTA.
I don't think, like this lovely woman's blog, I could focus on the throat, really. Where would the MBTA's throat be? It's a little more effective to go straight for the throat, but bashing the side of the T car might make me feel better too. I'd start a blog named "People I'd Like to Punch (sometimes repeatedly)" and I would probably post more often on that.

But hey, at least I'm simply writing about it, instead of actually doing it. Watch out though, I'm about to head into a student union, and I'm pretty sure your average college student deserves a punch in the throat. I don't think she agrees, but she does make some good punching points:

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I haven't been posting much, I know. I haven't given up on the blog, but I haven't been very inspired by it lately either. I was drawing something in MS Paint today to exemplify a point to someone, and figured since this ol' blog is collecting dust, I'd put it up here. It's more of a work rant than anything (shocking, I know).

People who get all huffy about titles frustrate me. I try to give anyone respect when it is due and address them properly, but when you have to sit me down in my office to go over your "official" titles with me because I introduced my workstudy to you calling you the "head" of a department instead of a dean, it makes me want to give you a MUCH worse title than that.

Regardless, there is someone I work with who insists on dotting all correspondence with me with his/her title. Everywhere. Just added in places. I mean, if you were Jesus (supposing you believe in that sort of thing) ok, sure, put savior on all your correspondence. Yeah, son of god, you totally earned it. But something like MSW? I think that can be stated once. In your signature or something. Perhaps I'm just being peevish, I hear it happens everywhere, professors and their staff, lawyers and their clerks, etc etc... but this is what I mean:

I promise, it's not much of an exaggeration.

Anyway, endrant. Here's something for putting up with me:

I didn't draw the owl... in case you thought otherwise.