Monday, June 17, 2013

"Enhancing" Pictures of Friends

Lately I've taken to modifying photos with my amazing MSPaint skills. This started when a picture reminded me of something, so I added drawings, like these cheetah cubs that look like a band.

My joy of photo modification progressed, and when finding pictures of friends in conducive poses, I would pull them out of the photo and put them... say... riding a dinosaur, or in a box. Please enjoy my latest creations. Some drawings are better than others. I know a lot of people wouldn't want their picture on the intra-webs, so the faces have been... tastefully altered.

(this friend has a chocolate allergy... the horror!)

I drew this dude without a picture model to go by... but hey, Land Before Time reference?

And now, the person who foolishly allowed me to take a picture of him riding a donkey statue and started this madness....

Clearly, I did not draw the raptor above, I only merged the pictures... but I couldn't pass up a monocle/top hat wearing raptor riding a bike

I felt bad for having used a non-drawing for the previous raptor, so I created one. I like to call this pogo-raptor, due to his unusually long legs.

More to come? We shall see. I'm not sure if any of these people will allow me to take pictures of them again.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Again with the slacking

I was supposed to have things to do today, but the progress of our IT department (not the local one, the University-wide one) has been mind-blowingly awful. I mean, really bad. So a meeting I though I had today is going to be tomorrow (I think, unless he randomly decides to cancel it again), which means I have to mess up my schedule more to stay late so we can talk with some Australians. Here is a picture of what I'd LIKE to do to our IT guy, versus what I can do:

And think of the poor Australians, stuck on the other end of the line, while he dithers and dathers about not doing things he's supposed to be doing!

I mean, granted, the koala still looks happy, but still. Being "project manager" on the stupid database is so much more effort than it's worth, or than I'm being compensated for... so ya know what? I don't feel so bad messing with MS Paint now that my urgent tasks are done. So, here's an owl.
Yeah. Owl THAT, IT guy.

Friday, March 15, 2013

So it's friday

I have been so productive all week. For a long time, really. My job doesn't really allow much time to do anything. But today... TODAY I TOOK FOR MYSELF. Well, I did work too, but I made some MSPaint things too.

A Toucan
(the names of these creatures were not chosen by me)

A sugar glider

And a wolf.

Hope you like! Can't promise when I'll update next.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I've been messing with MS Paint again...

This time my focus has been video game characters. Some of the drawings are a little shabbier than others. All of these I drew, but I modeled them after pictures that exist on the internet. You can see the difference when it's doodling from my own creativity versus using a model.

This was the first one, inspired because I was sending someone a lot of "links"

Very basic. After sending it to a friend and seeing her delight, I made some of her favorite game characters, castle crashers.

I actually worked close up with the pixels on the red one, but haven't gotten to (or may not get to ever) the others. So he looks a little better.

Inspired at this point, I sent another favorite to someone, from the game Journey.

The pattern at the bottom of the cape took the most time.

Anyway, I've found this is a good way to make the day go by between bouts of work. Get some work done, draw a little, get some work done, etc. So today's project was Zelda.

I spent by far the most time on this one. The hardest part was actually her hands. They still look a little weird, but that's ok. I'm not entering any contests.

If anyone still looks at this, I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kitten Mittens

I rarely call my kitten by her given name, Marzipan. I've come up with various nicknames: Meowey, Kitten Mittens, Stinkbutt, Clawface, etc. etc.

Anyway, I hurt my finger so typing is hard, and you won't get a lot of text out of me today... but here are two pictures I drew in a deadly meeting this morning about Marz.

Anyway, when I stopped doodling at the meeting, I fell asleep, so overall I think drawing at a meeting is better than that....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unacceptably Busy

Yes, again, working at work. How is this even possible?? It isn't fair to have to do stuff. Well, "work" has many meanings, I suppose, so I'll post the things I've gotten accomplished in the millions of meetings I've had to attend recently.

I took VERY detailed notes when we discussed our new database in detail.

Even more, I had a partner in crime who HELPED me take detailed notes, including a rousing game of hangman.

In the mind-numbingly boring meeting today I managed not to make any amusing doodles... but I did fall asleep. Only a little.

Well, work is boring and busy, on a happier note, I have a new kitten. Here's hoping all goes well, since I tend to have the worst luck with pets, but so far, everything is amazing. I will create an MS Paint picture of her eventually. For now, meet Marzipan.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The "Bassador"

So, my rendition of a Basset Hound/Labrador hybrid (apparently known as a Bassador) is as such:

This is a kind of dog I've been exposed to, so I knew what to expect when looking it up. Here is a real picture of a Bassador:

I wanted to find a picture where you get a good shot of the normal lab body and the stumpy little basset hound legs.

In my course of searching, I found a list of odd (and normal) dog breed combinations. It was pretty fascinating.

You have the Corgidor (Corgi and Labrador):

the Bostillion (Boston terrier and Papillion):
The St. Wilier (St. Bernard and Rottweiler)
Anyhow, the list goes on and on with many interesting combinations. The list and the images were all found here:

I also suggest to avoid googling "weird dog mixes" in an image search. It ranges from an amusing Photoshop of an eagle head on a regal dog to some deceased animals.

What is the point of this post? I don't know. It has been more interesting looking at cute and unusual dogs than doing work ever could have been, though official records should state I'm doing database entry. At any rate, at least I'm not playing with fire.